Avenue South Residence a place that takes you to transform the idea of a condo.

Singapore, an exotic location known for it’s technological advances and for showing more modernity one of the countries with the Asian continent, shows it’s great evolution in the real-estate sector getting in its ownership a large number of highrises which be noticeable for their remarkable urban architecture.
During the last a long time, the advance Avenue South Residence Location in the sector of real estate may be much more apparent with the advance of diverse complexes which are introduced each one more appealing than the one that precedes that, kindnesses and extraordinary luxuries this kind of sector continues to be offering and it’s also expected carry on the growth in a higher speed.

To show this, Kheng Leong and also ULO Group have designed Avenue South Residence, an organization that has more than 1000 real-estate units and it is representing among the highest metropolitan complexes inside the city of Singapore. Previously this metropolis highlighted by its large urban level brings this kind of new task to ensure the constant evolution in the area of real estate
Avenue South Residence Location enough space to build up the business activity, numerous centers associated with purchases, well-known retailers, restaurants, coffees, schools, centers of medical assistance, guaranteed safety 24 hours. Each one of these spaces in one complex, effortless transit as well as access to the highway and public transport.

Have you ever considered that this would be feasible?

In Avenue South Residence you will discover apartments in which adapt to your preferences, units of just one room or perhaps two rooms in urea along with commercial activity in continuous growth, which makes it possible that through the years the value invested in each home increases.
Avenue South Residence provides spectacular sights of the section of Bukit Merah, completely altering the concept of real estate, which has drawn a number of possible prospects to investors for the area, merging luxury and comfort along with spaces created for the recreation of the family.

Avenue South Residence Show smooth has a trial of the units which you can visit from this 2019. Simply call if you wish to visit the condominium (+65) 6100-0035. You can keep tuned in for new updates that we will become presenting concerning this real estate country.

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