Do you want to get more Siacoins? Discover how Siacoin QT wallet.

Sia has been growing over time in the market, offering in an original way the storage service, simply connecting people who need it along with the people related to Sia that can provide it, with blockchain technology that ensures absolutely all the data sufficient reason for an encryption language that gives an anti-hacking block.

All transactions are secured by contracts and debts are paid directly on your platform with all the Siacoins. The siacoins is often a cryptocurrency that Sia designed to facilitate transactions within its platform that is certainly linked to its particular blockchain.

Since it is easy to operate more people have been preparing use the Siacoins, although at the start their quotation was maintained in a flat plus it was not until 2017, which received a tremendous increase since the Asian company INK blockchain I injected capital to further improve it as part of their work to increase the blockchains, possibly at one point I arrive at USD 0.1 for tokens, having a peak market of USD3,000 million.

Today it is among the 50 most valued cryptocurrencies and has a considerably high market capitalization. In addition, he launched his Siacoin wallet to provide greater security when making transactions and payments to its customers with this Siacoin Core Download platform, that has the feature for being easy to use and install. This project is among those investments that in the long term will bring significant benefits, so, begin saving in Siacoins is definitely an idea, begin in small amounts, there is no need to invest all of your capital inside them and yet there are ways to get siacoins for free.

1. You can discover them through Exchange or by doing Trading. Essentially the most secure pages to buy Siacoins are Politex, UpBit, and Bittrex.

2. Rent your harddrive storage with Sia, to acquire Siacoins.

3. “Mining” without the need for some super powerful equipment.

There are several options to add great your Siacoin core wallet; you just have to find the one that best suits you and the possibilities.

Download the Siacoin core app from this link and start now.

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