How is Global Warming changing Greece?

The weather (καιρος) in Portugal was quite pleasant together with longer summer and obvious sky. Even so, the summer seasons are becoming incredibly hot. Early summers are getting rainfall that’s harsh with flash floods. In 1961 – 2001, the highest precipitation occurred only in winter and autumn. And the rainfall had been pertained to Aegean ocean and Traditional western Greece. Recently, studies show in which lately the winters are usually dry mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean which stretches from Ionian ocean to Malta.


Though the power of rainfall has grown, the amount of bad weather in A holiday in greece has decreased in the lover of the Last century. The fall ranges from 64mm to be able to 52mm. This proves the aridification in the Mediterranean place. Aridification is the place becoming dry

Summer Rain Vs Winter Precipitation

Earlier, the particular summers were dry and warm temperatures; winters ended up cold and wet. Previously rain during wintertime in Greece. However, lately winters have become dry and summers are getting to be wetter. The summer rains are not foreseeable. They are severe and fill violently.

Shift of polar vortex on Greek climate

Polar vortex is an upper atmospheric cyclone that swirls in the northern polar region. It is a mass of cold air that expands in winter. Recently the polar vortex weakened and shifted south wards. This affected the Mediterranean countries and their καιρος very badly. The temperature in Greece dropped to -23 degree Celsius in the winter.

Urban Heat Island

The downtown heat tropical isle effect is another major reason for that change in climate in Ancient greek language. The level of urbanisation has risen in Greece very rapidly. It is led to the rise in number of structures in the city and has led to the increasing heat in the metropolis as compared to its surrounding. This is known as Urban High temperature island in which influences community climate quite badly.

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