The best priced city walk apartments here for you

So here we are going to talk about the rentals and the sales of these high end city walk apartments. As you may know that we are providing City Walk apartments for sale and sale. You can head to our site and choose the best apartment to suit your needs. The main thing is the fact that we are not forcing people to get a 4 bedroom apartment even if he/she want a single bedroom apartment. So that you don’t have to purchase extra rooms, you will definately get exact amount of rooms that you would like and you will pay only for that. You don’t have to pay for almost extra rooms. You know it very well that city walk Dubai is nearby to so many attractions and you will find a lot of facilities offered to make your life more luxurious. So now we are going to describe the rent and sale prices of city walk property.

As you see a set of city walk apartments on the market or you view a list of city walk apartments to rent, you may find that we now have so many different prices because we provide all sort of apartments at various prices. You can get 1 bedroom apartments for sale from AED 1.7M to AED 3.26M, 2 bedroom at AED 2.35M to AED 5.10M, 3 bedrooms set at AED 3.5M to AED 7.87M and 4 bedroom at AED 5.3M to AED 12 available. On the other hand you can get single room for rental at AED 120K to 185K. Also the 2 to 4 room set intended for rent. The best thing is that all of the apartments come with built-in home appliances. So you will see the amazing floor plan here for apartments other than this the world class amenities and elegant design causes it to be much better than some other city walk.

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