With the green tea (grüntee) you sharpen the senses

The china cultures have been organic tea (bio tee) great buyers of black tea (schwarztee) to which they attribute hundreds of therapeutic properties but for the health generally, the tea in most its varieties comes from exactly the same plant which depending on the blow drying and remedy after the pick will give it it’s definitive problem , taking a mug of tea a day stimulates brain function and increases alertness because of the percentage of caffeinated drinks it contains.

One of the producers around the globe, they stand out for their quality and taste the Japanese plants that produce one of the most sought-after varieties beneath production requirements where custom and engineering are blended to produce a first quality product which has nothing in order to envy for the traditional plants like those invoved with India. At the moment, planting and also cultivation happen to be stimulated simply by practicing organic farming that improves the quality of the tea. The particular so-called organic tea (bio tee)is a selection of these crops planted and also harvested in order that only natural elements have contact with the sowing at all times.

For your oriental culture the tea can be a way of life the most crucial ceremonies and also the great activities include take up a central spot, you live round the tea in any of its varieties, possibly black or green tea (grüntee) about it place a very official ceremonies and dedicated that Chinese as well as Japanese revere and also have respected as well as kept undamaged for years, these days tea is advertised in a variety of methods and a different flavor and also intensity has been given for each variety.

In the Cha-do manufacturer they have developed different kinds that gain in public every single day thanks to the softness and delicate flavour, having a tea whenever waking up or even in the middle of the afternoon is already a convention for a huge selection of people in the world and it is why these ceremonies combined with softer flavors adapted to the western palates happen to be attracting a growing number of followers.

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